Shipping Companies Strengthen the Fight Against Cyber Criminals

During the last year, the majority of shipping companies has been exposed to ‘Cyber Attacks’ and has intensified the fight against ‘Cyber Crime’

The latest survey from Danish Shipping’s CEO Panel, in which 26 senior executives have participated, shows that ‘Cyber Crime’ is an important factor on Shipping Companies’ agenda.

In the survey, 42%. of Senior Executives indicated being concerned and worried that their company will be attacked or that their data will be lost in the coming 12 months.

The concern is based on a concrete threat as approximately 69%. of the companies have been subject to ‘Cyber Crime’ over the last year according to the responses to the panel.

Cyber threats must be taken very seriously, says Executive Director in Danish Shipping, Maria Skipper Schwenn who finds it positive that 69% of the companies have increased their IT security budgets the past year.

“It is worrying that, a majority of shipping companies have been subject to attacks against their IT systems and unfortunately this is a threat that is not expected to diminish in future.

At the same time, it is important to emphasize that the attacks experienced by the shipping companies are attacks that any company is at risk of being exposed to.

Therefore, it is not the ships and the safety of the crew that is of the greatest concern but attacks on land-based systems and the consequences of these”, says Maria Skipper Schwenn.

“Consequently, we encourage all our members to take the threat seriously and we will work closely with the authorities to ensure that our members are better equipped to fight the threat.

Therefore, it is also good to see that shipping companies prioritize larger budgets for IT security”, she says.

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